At Coton-in-the-Elms CofE Primary, everything that we do is centred around a clear Curriculum Intent and therefore around our vision and values.  We have 5 words which are held dear around school and this underpins everything that we do, from what is taught and how we do it, to the opportunities that we provide for children and families, both as part of the school day and beyond it. Our Curriculum Intent is suitably tailored to our school’s current population and the families we work with.   To view our Curriulum Intent, please click on the document below.

Curriculum Intent


Our curriculum is organised into termly themes and the programmes of study and objectives for individual subjects taught under one title where possible. This is because we know that our children learn best when they see a real purpose for why they are learning something and they benefit when they have the opportunity to apply taught skills in other areas. We are also keen to foster an enjoyment and passion for everything that they do in school. To see our overview of termly themes, please click on the document below:

Thematic 2 Year Rolling Programme

Learning for individual National Curriculum subjects is taught as part of these termly themes and we have a progression document which sets out how the children build upon their knowledge and skills in an individual subject as they journey through the school.  Teacher’s use our progression document (see below) when completing termly thematic plans and they are careful to ensure that pupils build on previous knowledge taught and any skills acquired in a subject.

Progression document – Art
Progression document – Computing
Progression document – Design and Technology
Progression document – Geography
Progression document – History
Progression document – International Speaker
Progression document – Music
Progression document – Physical Education
Progression document – Science

To view sample overview sheets to a term’s thematic plans, click on the documents below:

The Great American Road Trip
Wizard of Oz
Life on the Farm
The Great Fire

As part of each termly theme, a WOW Day event takes place.  This serves to celebrate the work completed and to reflect on the learning which has taken place, to culminate the skills and knowledge taught or to engage the children at the very start of a termly theme. An example from one of our most recent WOW Days is below – click on the link:

WOW Day – Invaders & Raiders

Aspects of the English and Maths curriculum are taught discretely but effort is make to link various elements where possible. For example, most recently our children in Years 3 and 4 wrote viking sagas to link to the historical knowledge acquired as part of their Invaders and Raiders theme.



We are currently supporting subject leaders to measure the impact of what is taught in individual subjects across the school.  There are a number of ways how we measure the impact that teaching has had on our pupils:

  • Collection of Pupil Voice, Parent Voice and Staff Voice – testimonial evidence
  • Work Scrutiny – pupils’ work, photos, displays etc
  • Discussions with the children
  • Monitoring of standards (Attainment and progress)
  • Observations of learning in lessons

You can see some most recent examples of Pupil and Parent Voice below, by clicking on the document

Pupil Voice – Power Maths
Parent Voice – African Drumming
Parent Voice – Ocean Rescue Week
Pupil Voice – TT Rockstars