What have we achieved in our first term?

Hello everyone,

We wanted to update you so you all know what we have achieved in our first term as School Parliament. We try to meet every week with Miss Forrest and feel that we have achieved an awful lot in such a short space of time.

We have changed the titles of our MPs which means we all have very specific jobs, making our meetings very focused. Hopefully this will come through during this blog post.

Privilege Points, Passes and Time

The first (and our personal favourite) action was the introduction of Privilege Points (PP’s) which add up to Privilege time. We are responsible for setting up Privilege time and are acting on feedback from children about what we put out each week.

We have had positive feedback from most children and are currently responding to some to some ideas about how to make Privilege time even more amazing! Some suggestions which we have received so far include:

  • Having privilege time every two weeks so that children are not missing the same lessons and more people will go, making it more sociable;
  • Extending the privilege pass to having a 2 month “expiration” date so people can wait longer so they can attend privilege time with their friends;
  • Making privilege time longer so it is more of treat and people can do more than one activity.
  • Having a “Smithy Star of the Term” who gets a bonus privilege pass for being a star all term.

Sports Leaders

We are also very proud of the introduction of Intersport Competitions at lunchtime. Although the practical sport sessions are led by Jacob (our play lead), Lochy and Finn (our Ministers for Sport) also take great responsibilities each week. Lochlann and Finn organise who will be taking part in the Intersport League each week, from all the different houses and year groups. As you can imagine, this is very tricky to organise, but they are doing fantastic. Following the sessions, Jacob informs Chloe (our Deputy Prime Minister) of the scores and she can then update the score board, which is displayed in our hall.

We have had a really positive response to the Intersport League and lots of people are taking part. Our next action, however, is to make sure that when people sign up, they remember to take part.

Collective Worship and Christian Life

Milly, Lottie and Charlie now lead the dancing and actions in our daily Collective Worship. As a Parliament, we think that this has led to lots more children – especially children in Outstanding Oaks and Wonderful Willows – taking part in and enjoying Collective Worship.

We have also recently introduced a chart where each Minister for Collective Worship and Christian Life can nominate the grooviest class, 3 children whose behaviour is fantastic and can also make a note of children whose behaviour could be improved.

Each child who gets spotted being fantastic earns themselves a privilege point and the class with the most votes for grooviest class gets a star from Mr Smith.

Anti-Bullying Walks 

Our Ministers for Anti-Bullying and Playtime (Matilda and Sophie) have also been on an Anti-Bullying walk at lunch time which showed that on a whole, our play and lunchtimes are enjoyable and we offer lots of different activities and equipment for children to play with. However, we did see some play that was a little bit too rough and some children who were not showing as much respect as we would expect towards our equipment.

Looking Forward

In the next half term, we want the Ministers for Classroom and Learning (Jenson, Mexxii, Piper and Mark) to do a Classroom and Learning Walk, with Miss Forrest or Mr Smith, with clear criteria to focus on. These criteria may include:

  • Volume in classrooms;
  • Presentation in books;
  • Purple Polishing;
  • Respect for equipment;
  • Equipment available;
  • Working walls;
  • Happiness of children;
  • Behaviour of children.

We are also hoping to do another Anti-Bullying walk to check what has changed since our last one, in particular the amount of rough play.

Lochy and Finn are also planning to check with Jacob about whether all the people that sign up, attend the Intersport sessions.

We hope you will agree that we have made a really positive start to the academic year. We are hoping to do more regular updates on our blog, so keep checking on here for our latest news.


Kind Regards,

School Parliament