Summer Term Update

It is time for our final termly update about what School Parliament have been up to during the Summer Term.

School Uniform

Mr Smith proposed the idea of changing the school uniform and during School Parliament meetings we discussed the options available, looking at the possibilities in a school uniform magazine. We then had the opportunity to see the sample uniforms in real life and we gave our opinions. We are excited to see children wearing the new uniform next term.

Tuck Shop

We have also spent some time discussing the idea of setting up a healthy tuck shop at break times. Each class representative led a discussion in their classroom to create a list of healthy snacks we could sell. Hopefully this idea becomes a reality in the next academic year, we are sure children will love it.

Altar Cloth

Reverend Janet came into school to speak to the School Parliament about the Christian Altar Cloth. You may have noticed in Church that different colours are worn or shown during different seasons. Each colour cloth is used to represent a specific time period in the Christian Calendar. As School Parliament are now aware of when to change the cloth and why it is being shown, you should notice our altar cloth changing when necessary.

And a final farewell from School Parliament 2016-2017. We thank all the children for their helpful suggestions and we hope that we have represented you well, we certainly have enjoyed doing it! Enjoy your summer and we wish the new School Parliament all the best for next year!