Mr SmithMr Smith

Mr. Smith is our Headteacher. He has been teaching for 14 years and he has taught in 3 schools previously. He is a life-long Everton fan and passionate about Musical Theatre, taking part in productions twice a year. He is a trained singer and tap-dancer. His favourite singer is Katherine Jenkins. His main job is to keep us safe, he is the school Designated Safeguarding Lead.  His other job is to ensure that our lessons are fun and they are helping us to learn properly.

Mrs CresswellMrs Cresswell

Mrs Cresswell works in our school office. She has lots of jobs but the most important one is ordering our school dinners and working closely with Mr. Smith. She is our Business Officer in school. Her favourite colour is green and she is a trained singer and dancer. Her favourite celebrity is Gene Kelly. Her dream job is to work in the West End!

Mrs WestonMrs Weston

Mrs Weston teaches in Year 5 and 6 and is a member of the Leadership team. She has been teaching at Coton since 2008. In school, Mrs Weston is responsible for Maths and Collective Worship. She is also our Deputy Safeguarding Lead. In her spare time she likes visiting islands around Britain as they remind her of the Famous Five stories which she read as a child.

Mrs SmithMrs Smith

Mrs Smith teaches in the Early Years and Year 1 and is the newest member of our Senior Leadership Team. In school she is responsible for Literacy and Key Stage 1 including EYFS. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family and going on fun days out. Mrs Smith has crazy curly hair, which reminds her of….Little Miss Curly (from the Mr. Men series) Mrs Smith likes her class to be ‘outstanding.’

Mrs DykeMrs Dyke

Mrs Dyke teaches in Years 1 and 2, she has worked here for a number of years. She is our Special Needs Co-ordinator. She helps teachers to support children with their learning in and around school. Mrs Dyke also helps Mr. Smith to keep us safe!

Ms ChallinorMs Challinor

Ms Challinor loves our school and she currently teaches ICT and Modern Foreign Languages across the whole school. She has worked here since 2007. Ms Challinor is our Music Co-ordinator in school, playing the piano during collective Worship and organising Young Voices! In her spare time, Ms Challinor enjoys travelling and visiting lots of fascinating places around the world!

Miss PoppleMiss Popple

Miss Popple is a new teacher at our school. She teaches the Champion Chestnuts. She loves Smarties and children. Miss Popple has travelled around the world to see some amazing places and she has also been swimming with turtles. Miss Popple is a keen hockey player in Tamworth and she loves physical activity because it keeps her fit and healthy! Her favourite food is pasta.

Miss ForrestMiss Forrest

Miss Forrest has come to Coton-in-the-Elms Primary to teach the Hardworking Hazels. She is a very friendly, exciting, kind and funny teacher, who loves to teach maths and art. Whenever she has time, Miss Forrest loves to explore the world and bake cakes (including birthday and wedding cakes). She has a little, cuddly kitten, called Stanley, who was born in a field. If she wins the lottery, she will rescue more cats and build a huge castle for them to play in. Miss Forrest is always smiling and is very excited about teaching at Coton.

Mrs ThorneMrs Thorne

Mrs Thorne has worked at our school for 13 years. She is a Teaching Assistant and she enjoy seeing children achieve. Her favourite subject is Maths because she is very logical. In her spare time she enjoys the countryside and cooking. She enjoys having dinner parties and her ideal guest would be Stephen Hawking!

Mrs HarrisMrs Harris

Mrs Harris is a Teaching Assistant and she has a passion for art and display! She has taught in school for a number of years, helping children with their learning. She loves dogs and her favourite Disney film is Beauty and the Beast!

Mrs BraceMrs Brace

Mrs Brace has worked here for 7 years. She is a teaching assistant in our school and she loves Maths! Mrs Brace has a passion for shopping and motor cross! She would love to live near the beach. When she was younger she wanted to be a paramedic because she loves blood and gore!

Mrs MailerMrs Mailer

Mrs Mailer is a very active member of our school who enjoys sport. She is a Teaching Assistant in school and she enjoys doing first aid. She mainly works with the children in Reception and Year 1. She currently helps to run our Breakfast Club in the morning and she does Gymnastics club after school.

Mrs Whyman

Supply Teacher

Mrs Harris

Cleaner in Charge/Kitchen Assistant

Mrs Farmer

School Cook

Mrs Martin

Kitchen Assistant

Mrs Morris

Kitchen Assistant

Mrs Wilkes

Kitchen Assistant

Mrs Left

Midday Meals Supervisor

Mrs Billings

Breakfast Club / Midday Meals Supervisor / Cleaner

Miss Wintle

Midday Meals Supervisor

Mrs Bonsor

Midday Meals Supervisor

Jacob Wright

Midday Play Leader

Mr Sharp

PE Teacher

Mrs Martin

Supply Teacher

Miss Banford

Supply Teacher