Spring Term update

After an exciting (and busy!) start to the Spring term, we thought it was only right to update you with what we have been up to.

Anti-Bullying Ministers

Sophie and Matilda have carried out an Anti-Bullying walk around the playground and the hall at lunchtime, looking at what they saw and heard. They saw lots of children playing nicely together and sharing equipment, especially those children who were taking part in the organised sport with Jacob and children in Key Stage 1.

Unfortunately, there were a few children in Key Stage 2 who were perhaps playing a little bit too rough for our playground. To address this, Sophie and Matilda have suggested that they will prepare a presentation to share during Collective Worship or some posters to go around the school as gentle reminders.

School Parliament as Class Representatives

Improving the toilets in Key Stage 2 has been raised as one suggestion to make Coton an even better school. As we, the School Parliament, are democratically voted for, we felt it was necessary to discuss the prospect of updating the toilets with our constituencies.

To do this, each class completed a spider diagram with ideas for “Our Ideal Toilets”. We thoroughly enjoyed sharing some of the ideas that everyone came up, in particular themed toilet paper for the season and sofas to ‘chill out’ on. We discussed each idea, considering the practicalities of each suggestion and also identifying similarities across the classes suggestions.

These similarities involved:

  • Softer toilet paper;
  • Higher cubicle doors;
  • Air freshener;
  • Larger toilets with lids;
  • Push flushes;
  • Hand dryers;
  • Foam soap;
  • Colourful decor;
  • Pictures on the wall (that are useful for school).

Now we know what our constituents are envisioning, we have informed Mr Smith so he has a better idea of what he needs to look for when designing our new toilets. We will keep you updated, so keep an eye out!

Collective Worship and Christian Life

Charlie, Milly and Lottie now have a new responsibility to share which P.E.A.C.E School Vision Value the school is focussing on each week. This will be displayed around the school so all staff (and other children) can be looking out for people who deserve certificates during our special Collective Worship on a Friday.


As always, speak to your Class MP for anything you would like to bring to our attention or just tell us about anything fabulous about our lovely school!

Kind Regards,





School Parliament