School Parliament

Our Parliament is led by Year 6 representatives.

Before electing a Prime Minister, interested candidates present their manifesto to the whole school, then every child in school votes for their Prime Minister.

Election 3

This year’s Parliament is led by our elected Prime Minister¬†¬†-Eve.

Eve is supported by the following Members of Parliament:

  • Deputy Prime Minister – Jess
  • Chancellor of the Exchequer – Mason
  • Speaker of the House – Charlie
  • Secretary of State for Pupil Health and Well-being – JJ
  • Secretary of State for Education – Francesca
  • Secretary of State for Collective Worship – Amelia
  • Secretary of State for Environment – Thomas

Each year group has a representative who form part of the parliament.

Year 5 – Theo

Year 4 – Nylah

Year 3 April

Year 2 – Caleb

Year 1 – Hugo

Reception – Meadow