Safeguarding in school

In our school we take the safeguarding of your child very seriously.  Below is a list outlining some of the things that we do to keep them safe and happy in school.

  1. Staff are Safeguarding trained
  2. All staff and regular volunteers have received DBS clearance to work in school.  Visitors are asked to show this on arrival
  3. On our School Parliament we have Ministers for Pupil Health and Well-Being
  4. We have a ‘STOP’ button on the school website so that children can report anything which is worrying them directly to Mr. Smith, the Headteacher
  5. We develop positive relationships with every child so that they are encouraged to tell us if they are worried about anything
  6. We talk to the children about Online Safety and the dangers of the internet
  7. Mr. Smith and a representative from the Governing Body has taken part in Safer Recruitment Training
  8. We have an Anti-Bullying Charter which has been designed by the children themselves.  Please see the menu entitled ‘Children’ for more details
  9. We have a Safeguarding Action Plan and Mr Smith and the governors take part in a yearly audit to ensure that we are effective
  10. Our Designated Safeguarding Governor is Mr M Evans and our Anti-Bullying Governor is Mrs S Clarke.  We talk about Safeguarding at regular governor meetings
  11. Every visitor is expected to read the document below to ensure that they can help keep your child safe at all times.

Please help us keep our children safe

The designated Safeguarding Leads in school are:

Mr Smith (Headteacher)

Mrs Weston – (Head of Key Stage 2) Teaches in Terrific Turtles

If a child makes a disclosure to you, whilst they are under your supervision, about their welfare or safety, please get a red (pink) form from the school office and fill it out accurately. Please record the facts as they are disclosed to you being careful not to ask any leading questions.

Should you notice any unusual marks or bruises on a child or witness anything which is of a concern to you in relation to a child’s behaviour, welfare or safety, record it on a red (pink) form and hand over to the Designated Safeguarding Lead. If in doubt, seek further advice.

Please hand the form to the Headteacher, or in his absence – Mrs Weston. The information on the form should be kept extremely confidential.

Please challenge all visitors who are not wearing a ‘Coton-in-the-Elms Visitor’ badge

Please make sure that all external doors are closed behind you and that the door from the Reception area is closed during school hours

A copy of our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy is available from Reception on request or by clicking below:

Child Protection Policy 2019-20

The number for Derbyshire Safeguarding Board is: 01629 533190