Our Anti-Bullying Charter

Here at Coton-in-the-Elms Primary School, we have a strong commitment to anti-bullying and involve the children in all that we do, in order to embed the message that bullying is not okay.  This is woven into the school calendar throughout the year, via collective worship and classroom activities.

At the start of every academic year, we discuss with the children what bullying is and is not, so they have a firm understanding, and this serves as a gentle reminder from the previous academic year.  We talk about our Anti-bullying Charter, which the children sign up to each year, and highlight that it’s okay to be individual and different as we are all unique and we all have something to offer to our school community and beyond.

we are unique

Below, please find a copy of our Anti-bullying Charter, together with our Anti-bullying Superheroes poster, which you will see in every classroom.

Anti-bullying Charter
Anti-bullying Superheroes

Our school Anti-bullying Policy can be found on the Policies section of our website – click HERE to access.  As part of our activities in the Autumn Term, each class wrote their own version of our school Anti-bullying Policy, which you can see below:

EYFS Anti-bullying Policy (Farmers)
Year 1 Anti-bullying Policy (Foresters)
Year 2 Anti-bullying Policy (Potters)
Year 3 and 4 Anti-bullying Policy (Coopers)
Year 5 and 6 Anti-bullying Policy (Miners)

speakup-logo-en (red)Also in every classroom, there are posters reminding our children about the many ways you can report a concern:

Speak Up – Anti-bullying Poster