Early Years Foundation Stage

At Coton in the Elms Primary School we work closely with all parents to ensure that children in the Early Years Foundation Stage have access to a rounded learning experience, tailored to individual needs. We are keen to ensure that children develop academically, socially, emotionally and physically. We embrace the characteristics of effective learning from Every Child Matters (2021)

  • A Unique Child
  • Positive Relationships img_0874
  • Enabling Environments
  • Learning & Developing

Click on the links below to view our EYFS policy, how we facilitate the characteristics of effective learning in our school and part of our School Improvement Plan linked to the EYFS.

EYFS Policy


Our curriculum at Holy Trinity is based upon the EYFS Framework, as well as the National Curriculum. Our bridging documents ensure that children remember what they have learnt in Reception and can absorb new knowledge into larger ideas. Each subject in KS1 is valued as its own discipline and has a knowledge and skills map, which is delivered through various exciting ways. We aim to ensure that the knowledge and skills learned in EYFS are then applied and built upon later in KS1. Therefore, learning is progressive from EYFS into KS1.

Click the links below for the bridging documents:

EYFS to KS1 Bridging document Art

EYFS to KS1 Bridging document Computing

EYFS to KS1 Bridging document Geography (1)

EYFS to KS1 Bridging document Music

EYFS to KS1 Bridging document RE

EYFS to KS1 Bridging document science

EYFS to KS1 Bridging document History (1)

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