COVID Recovery Curriculum

Following on from the baseline assessments and observations on the back on the lockdown, much work has gone in to preparing our COVID Recovery Strategy to help our children ‘catch-up’ where they need to.  We feel that we’ve achieved a child-centred and holistic approach to the ‘catch-up’ agenda and hopefully you’ll agree too!

As part of this, there are a number of approaches being taken – one being some adjustments offered to all children as part of our day to day curriculum. After returning from the Easter break, all classes will take part in a weekly enrichment hour.  Careful thought and consideration has gone into the securing of external expertise to suit the needs of each individual class at this time.  It is worth remembering that ‘catch-up’ is about securing vital life-long skills and ways of working that may have been lost throughout the pandemic, or areas which were limited due to the time away from school. These life-long skills form the building blocks to academic success!  Enrichment Hour will take place every Wednesday, between 10:45am and 11:45am. We hope to get lots of pupil voice over the coming weeks! We also hope that it will fall hand in hand with one of our school vision words – enjoyment!  Why not take a peek at what they’ve been up to:

Enrichment Hour

COVID Recovery Booklet CoverWhere we feel that your child would benefit from some additional intervention, aside from what it being provided to all children, we will communicate this to parents, outlining all of the details.  It is worth cross-referencing this with the information outlined in our recovery strategy booklet (see link below), so you are aware of what the intervention involves and the rationale behind it.  Timings and staffing for all interventions have been carefully timetabled based on the requirements and our overall intent.

‘COVID Recovery in our School’ booklet


In September 2021, we will be making further changes to our curriculum in order to continue the ‘catch-up’ effort – this includes our in-school organisation – and more information on this will follow before July.  Also in September, a number of interventions will be offered once again and it may be that your child is selected for the ‘2nd wave’.  Our regular assessment processes will continue to inform us along the way.