Empowered to Make a Difference!

I’ve had lots of discussions with the children this week, all about making the right choices – whether that be as a ‘learner’ in the classroom, as a ‘friend’ on the playground or as one of our school ambassadors. As you all know, a key part of our school vision and our curriculum intent is about supporting the children to make independent choices of their own as they grow through our school.  One of the benefits to living in a free society is very much having the space to take decisions for ourselves and to take whatever steps we wish to – it is only right that we prepare our children for this before they leave us.  However, as a result of the steps we take we also have to be prepared to take responsibility for whatever happens as a result!  Somebody very wise once said; “Responsibility is accepting that you are both the cause and the solution!”  This is the theme for this week’s blog.

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What’s the point?

I have enjoyed many proud moments as Headteacher of our school in the last 4 1/2 years and last Wednesday was right up there! You’ll all be aware that Key Stage 2 took part in Young Voices at the Genting Arena in Birmingham and we took 41 children along.  The day itself is a pretty long one – and it includes an incredibly late night for the children and the staff themselves.  I for one, didn’t get home until 10:50 pm! It also means lots of organisation and much time set aside for practice – whether that is at home or at school.  Our children were superbly behaved all day and it filled me with immense personal pride, watching them from where they were seated – joining in with gusto. Sometimes, we are all guilty of getting ‘lost’ in these events and not taking a moment to think about why we take part in them.  Sometimes it can be quite easy to think that we do these things because we always have done so or because other schools do them and we want to be part of the crowd.  However, it all comes down to what our intentions are as a school and the skills and attributes that we aim to foster in our children. There is always a method in our madness – you should know that by now!

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