A new year, a new start!

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There has been a lovely feel around school this week for our first week back. Our school has been full of focus and I have been really pleased with how children have settled into their new classes.  A new year always brings renewed energy, enthusiasm and a fresh approach and this week our school has certainly had that in spades!

On Wednesday afternoon, I was delighted to get an invite to go onto the school field and see a special performance from the Eager Elms. They had been learning about performance poetry and the author’s use of personification; I was amazed by their performances. The children had worked brilliantly to portray the poems using a range of performance techniques.  Nikita was great at using his voice in different ways!  I know that the Eager Elms were extremely honoured to be the first class to use our ‘Coton Coliseum.’   For those of you who are not aware, during the school holidays a team of volunteers from Jaguar Land Rover came into school to construct a mini stage/performance space with some audience benches.   Moving forward classes will be able to use it to develop their confidence in speaking and performing to groups of people, it will also be used as a mini-outdoor learning space.  I must take this time to thank Mr Evans, one of our governors, for all his help in getting the team together and Mrs Evans for the bacon rolls!  It certainly kept the team suitably fuelled to get through the day.

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It’s suddenly gone very quiet!

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The lights have been turned off, the trays have been cleared and the classrooms have that bare feel about them – it must be the end of the school year! As I sit here writing this, having just said goodbye to Mrs Cresswell for the next few weeks at least, not a single person is in sight and I am left to reflect on a very eventful year in our school.  I can’t believe that my first year as Headteacher of our school is at an end – so many highlights and so many challenges to face, but I have loved every minute of it, striving to ensure that every child in our school gets the very best every single day.

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Keep calm and carry on together!

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The theme for this week’s blog is unity and togetherness. It has been a historic and monumental few weeks in so many ways for our country but whatever your side and whatever your views – we are one country and when we all come together it is pretty special! This was demonstrated earlier in the week, where we saw every MP in the House of Commons wearing a white rose in memory of Jo Cox and heard so many moving tributes and kind words about how she had the courage and strength to fight relentlessly for what she believed was right. She leaves behind a young family who have some much to be proud of her for and so many happy memories. The EU referendum has been a hot topic of debate over many months but the high turnout reported at polling stations up and down the country shows the sheer force of an active democracy, energising and empowering people to use their voice and express their views. The sight of thousands lining the streets of London, waving their flags to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday and the passion of England fans joining in with a rendition of ‘Football’s Coming Home’ at the Euros fills us with immense pride.  The ‘coming together’ of our great country is an amazing experience and it has been the same in school this week.

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It’s all go!

It has been a very strange week in school with 23 children away, having fun at Shugborough. When I visited them on Wednesday and joined them for their evening walk, they were all in high spirits – jumping in and out of puddles, crossing muddy cow fields and getting on brilliantly.  We have had some awful weather this week but I know it hasn’t stopped the Class 5 children having an amazing time with their friends and learning new skills.  Independence is such an important skill for future life – making decisions for themselves and taking responsibility for their own belongings.  I must take this time to thank all of the staff members who attended Shugborough this week – without their help we wouldn’t be able to offer this fantastic opportunity.  It was an extra special week for Mrs Mailer, who celebrated a very special birthday on Wednesday.  We arranged for her family to visit Shugborough and I took a cake for her to share with the children. I am sure that the whole school will join me in wishing her a happy ‘special’ birthday and a weekend of rest and recuperation.

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Summer of fun!

Welcome back for what is often the busiest and most enjoyable term in the school calendar. This term promises to be a term full of the ‘fun stuff’ that all children love about school; I know I enjoyed the summer term when I was a child myself.  We have put all of the diary dates for this term on the website now including sports day, the school summer fayre, move-up day etc.  Please have a look, we love welcoming you into school, and I know that the children love it too.

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Another busy term!

I can’t believe we are at the end of another busy term! This term has been full of fun, full of challenge and also full of optimism as we start to prepare for the new school year in September.  We had our BIG lunch to commemorate the Queen’s 90th Birthday, our sponsored walk around Coton Woods, some of the children have had some specialist cricket coaching courtesy of Lullington Cricket Club and of course – inviting grandparents into school to have lunch with our children. Click here to continue reading… “Another busy term!”

Half full, not half empty!

There are times, when as Headteacher of Coton school, I am immensely proud of everything that our children go on to achieve but this week even more so! There has been so much in the media about how difficult the Year 6 SATS exams were with all the recent changes to assessment and the curriculum; the standard now expected from 11 years olds is incredibly high!  However, each and every one of our Year 6 children gave their very best this week, without a whimper, without the slightest moan and without any excuses – they all had a real go!  A valiant effort!  Click here to continue reading… “Half full, not half empty!”