wowdayAt the end of last term, the Farmers class enjoyed a fantastic WOW day, which celebrated their topic for the term, ‘Land Ahoy!’.

As with most of our WOW days, the children had an opportunity to dress up as a character from their topic, either as a pirate or something from ‘under the sea’.

Land Ahoy

The children absolutely loved the treasure hunt, but this was no ordinary treasure hunt as we didn’t have a paper map – more of an audio map.   Using their listening skills, the children carefully carried our the instructions, e.g. take 10 steps forward, turn a quarter turn to you left, walk 15 steps forward……to where they successfully reached the treasure.  Cam thought it was so much fun and Drew loved finding the treasure!

Without realising it, the children were also working on their PSED (Personal, Social, Emotional and Development) skills as they merrily sang pirate songs and performed dances, which were linked to the topic.