Welcome to the Funky Foxes

Welcome to the Funky Foxes! We are a Year 5 class of 16 children! We are taught by Mrs Dyke and are aiming to have lots of fun whilst learning ‘big’ numbers and technical grammar terminology. We are also taught by Mrs Challinor and Mrs Thorne who teach us ICT and French.

We  have great fun and always work hard to achieve our goals of perseverance, excellence, awe and wonder, compassion and enjoyment.

In the mornings we usually have English and Maths lessons alongside spelling, grammar, handwriting and arithmetic sessions.

In the afternoons we will usually have PE, Science, topic, RE, music and art or design technology.

In PE we are learning hockey skills and dance routines and our PE lessons are on a Tuesday and Thursday.

We have our spelling test on a Tuesday and our times tables Grand Prix on a Monday.

In science we are learning how different types of plants and animals reproduce, linking this to life cycles.

Topic is all about the ancient Egyptians and we will use what we learn, to write in different genres, in some of our English lessons too.

Art is also linking to the Egyptians as we will be looking at Egyptian portraits.


Learning Overview

Year 5

English: recount, non-chronological report, narrative, poetry, explanation, discussion

Grammar and punctuation: modal verb, relative pronoun, relative clause, parenthesis, bracket, dash, cohesion, ambiguity

Maths: to become fluent in place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, measurement, geometry and statistics. to be able to reason mathematically and solve problems using all of the above.

Science: Living things and their habitats, animals including humans

History: the Egyptians

RE: What do religions say to us when life gets hard?

Art: sculpture and drawing

DT: structures

Ode to…

Hardworking Hazels Odes

Hardworking Hazels have been busy writing their innovated odes for the past week after learning ‘Ode to an Olive’ last week. Their versions, about their favourite food, are absolutely amazing. I even had to get Mr Smith to come and have a listen to the performances as I was so very proud of each and every child. He was so amazed that he awarded seven headteacher stickers!

At parents evening, there were many requests for photocopies of their fantastically dramatic work, so please find attached a pdf of all of their finished work. The children have enjoyed this work thoroughly and I hope that you enjoy reading them!

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss F


It’s back! The GBBO! The Greek Bread Bake Off!

Hopefully, by now, all of the wonderful bread has been devoured by all of the family. It was absolutely lovely to see the children enjoying learning how to make bread. We definitely have some artisan bakers in the making, Paul Hollywood had better watch his back.

Here are some photos of the children throughout the design and make process.

IMG_0920 IMG_0912 IMG_0914 IMG_0904 IMG_0907 IMG_0902 IMG_0899 IMG_0898 IMG_0897 IMG_0896 IMG_0895 IMG_0894 IMG_0887

Innovated Twelves Labours of Heracles Competition!

I am so pleased with Hardworking Hazels’ English work for this term. We all wrote an innovated version of the Twelve Labours of Heracles. We spent AGES learning the text, boxing it up, analysing text features and planning our new version. The results were amazing!! Every single child should be really proud of their work and they are very excited to share them with you on the next Parents Evening. I certainly am!

Now to the exciting part, the results of the competition…

1st place: Grace and Alex

2nd place: Matthew and Garth

3rd place: Jake, Bailie-Ray and James

Make sure you come and claim your prize tomorrow!

Keep it up Hazels,

Miss F

Learning Overview for Spring Term 1 2017

English: Greek Myths and Legends.

Mathematics: Negative numbers, Number and Place Value, Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, Time and Fractions.

Science:Earth and Space

Topic: Ancient Greece

R.E: What is the purpose and value of a sacred space?

P.E: Swimming

Grammar and Punctuation: Tenses

Design Technology: Greek Bread Bake Off

PHSE: Going for Goals!