Learning Overview: Spring 2016-2017

English: Myths and Legends, Stories about imaginary worlds, Recounts, Non-chronological reports, Traditional Poems and Performance Poems.

Mathematics: Place Value & Decimals, Mental & Written Addition & Subtraction, Measures & Date, Fractions & Decimals, Time & Shape and Multiplication & Division.

Science: Rocks and Fossils

Topic: The Romans

R.E: Symbols and Religious Expression

P.E: Hockey, Gymnastics, Tennis and Dance.

Grammar and Punctuation: Words types and functions.

Music: Exploring Arrangements

Art: Autumn- Mosaics

PSHE: Making Friends

Subject Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6
Science To observe, group, draw, describe and name rock samples. To discover how different rocks were made by planet earth.


To design a fair test for rocks to check their hardness and permeability.

To gather important rock data from our local area.


To understand how fossils are made and make our own fossil from plaster of Paris. To understand how important soil is to life on our planet. To create a ‘Rock and Fossil Museum’.
History To learn about the legend of the founding of Rome and place events and objects into the correct periods of time. To understand the benefits and impact of the Roman Ruling System. To recognise that the past is represented in different ways.



To examine how the Roman Empire changed areas over time and begin to ask why. To understand how the Roman Empire emerged and expanded in the three centuries before the Common Era.

To design and paint a Roman Shield using inspiration from Roman designs.

To explore the reasons for the Romans’ successful growing empire in two centuries before the birth of Christ and learn about life in the Roman army To begin to understand why the Romans wanted to invade Britain.

To use a piece of music to create atmosphere and to discuss its effect on the listener.

R.E To discuss places that have personal value. To explain some features, symbolic objects, actions and sounds found in a church. To explain some features, symbolic objects, actions and sounds found in a mandir.



To know what puja is and why it is important for Hindus. To know what Holy Communion is and why it is important for Christians. To compare the purpose and values of a mandir and church.
Music Exploring arrangements- Music Express Year 3 To use a piece of music to create atmosphere and to discuss its effect on the listener.
P.S.H.E Making friends.

Think about being a friend.

Making friends.

Know what makes each other happy, sad, cross.

Making friends.

Know what helps and hinders friendships.

Making friends.

Consider ways of resolving differences.

Making friends.

Be able to initiate friendships.

Making friends.

Being a good friend.

Art/ D&T Exploring Mosaics. Developing technique. Printing a border. Researching Roman mosaics. Printing a central motif. Creating a Roman mosaic piece of art.

Learning Lens

Please take a moment to have a look at some of the great things that The Champion Chestnuts have been doing during the first few weeks of this half term.


In English we have been looking at stories by the same author and have just finished writing our own story based on the book I’ll take you to Mrs Cole by Nigel Gray.

We are now moving onto explanation and instruction texts. We will be writing our own set of instructions based on games shows to begin with. We will then move on to creating our own game show with our very own explanation and set of instructions!



In Maths, Champion chestnuts have been working extremely hard looking at place value and addition and subtraction. We have been looking at written methods for addition and subtraction. The children have been putting excellent amounts of effort into maths which is fantastic!


Geography has been really exciting, we have been looking at Burton-upon-Trent as our local area study and the children are all really enjoying using Google Earth.

We were very lucky to take part in a kick boxing session this week by the Star Foundation. All the children loved the session and were very good too!

Some children have done some outstanding work which has been displayed on our Work to ‘bee’ proud of board. Well done to you!