Our Bug Hotels

Just a quick update on Hardworking Hazels’ progress in Design Technology. We have finally started making the eagerly awaited Bug Hotels! Have a look at the wonderful work we have done so far. I am so impressed with the level of maturity that the Hardworking Hazels have shown today when working with tools, well done!

img_28441 img_28461

img_28501              img_28471




Learning Lens

Please take a moment to have a look at some of the great things that The Hardworking Hazels have already been busy doing during the first few weeks of this half term.

In English, we are currently focusing on Slam Poetry. At the end of this week, we hope to have our own Slam Poetry competition where we will recite our poems in battle!

We are making so much progress in Maths, with all of Hardworking Hazels mastering written methods of addition and subtraction.

Maths Working Wall

The Bug Hotel designs are coming along beautifully. We have analysed existing products, applied what we have learnt to our own designs and are now developing a group proposal. Busy times!

Bug Hotel Working WallDT Designs

The Year 5’s have also been busy, on Thursday afternoons, doing Science. Classifying living things, classifying the class and finding out how we can identify if something is living.
Science Group 1Science Group 3





Class Classification


Science Group 2





As you can see, we are clearly living up to our name!

Home Help

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Learning Overview for Autumn 2016-2017

English: Poetry, Explanations, Instructions, Suspense and Mystery and a study of A Christmas Carol.

Mathematics: Number and Place Value, Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, Fractions, Decimals and Measurement.

Science: Living Things and Humans.

Topic: Spotlight on Derby.

R.E: Why is the Bible so important for Christians today?

P.E: Ball handling skills.

Grammar and Punctuation: Words types and functions.

Design Technology: Bug Hotel.

Art: A study of Joseph Wright of Derby.

PHSE: Developing confidence and friendships.